1 Cessna 414 Pilot “time builder” – PJP

Cessna 414 Pilot “time builder” Posted - October 16, 2019

Commercial Multi w/ 500 hrs+ KSHV
Job Type - Permanent

Job Description

This flying job is perfect for the pilot ready to build a strong path resume. You'll be flying a Cessna 414 as PIC and when you're not flying the 414 you'll be right seating in a King Air 250, King Air F90 and 421B. You're going get flight time, learn a lot and build valuable experiences that when after you serve your time future employers will look at that experience and consider you a strong applicant for the next step in the climb. This is how you advance in aviation.

Key skills

Clear CommunicationSituational AwarenessTeam-Working SkillsDecisiveness & Quick Thinking SkillsThe Ability To Remain CalmMentality — Confidence, Attitude & Self-DisciplineLeadershipUnderstand Technical InformationPilot in Command

Company Profile:

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