Crews Services

CREWScontrol consists of the most stringent crew vetting standards in the industry, including extensive background checks and verification of training and certifications. CREWScontrol chooses professionals who share the FCU philosophy and commit to providing the very best customer service. Through CREWScontrol, crew member talents and personality are matched to specific client corporate culture to ensure the best fit, and the resulting relationship monitored to ensure both client and crew member are happy.

Flight Crews Unlimited does not go through the normal channels of recruitment, merely filling a database of faceless candidates. We’ve increased our portfolio of aviation professionals slowly over the past two decades. CREWScontrol includes only the most experienced corporate pilots, flight attendants and flight technicians to expand our reach around the world.
Experience, training and personal character are as important to us as they are to you. That is why we have some of the most rigorous training standards and experience requirements in the industry. Through CREWScontrol, we hire only the most experienced crew members who come with verifiable recommendations and a proven record of success.