PJP website launch

In an effort to make the aviation world a better place to fly, work and live PJP is putting he pilot back in the pilot seat. "Supporting the pilot" is a our purpose and we are doing that like no one else". Says Jeff Coursey CEO of PJP. We offer resources and instant social input from the social collective for peers and users. PJP has grown exponentially and in fact has caused such a wake in the social scene that many many other groups have been born in hopes to chase the FOMO by users who thought social media was a waste of time. Once they see hey there's power in social media their minds start turning and instantly begin to grasp for me too popularity.

We work hard to stay on the fore front of technology. Our parent company Aviation Software,inc. has developed for us PJPFBO a unique fbo chatting and ordering marketplace filling the gap between aircraft and fbo. www.PJPFBO.com

Private Jet Pilots now has a headquartered main website to be sued by its members to be found for flying services and be used for a resource for them.