How to become a successful Contract Pilot Posted - August 2, 2019

Here are a few tips that helped me become a full schedule PJP contract pilot.

These tips are are my opinion and shared for you to read and consider for yourself. You are encouraged to fly your own path but its a good suggestion to see what others have done so you can find a simple way to build a successful career.

Pilots tend to lean towards or become contract flying once they are an accomplished aviator and here's why; when you are young and getting things figured out you don't have the credentials to be a contract pilot you need the experience and the confidence that comes with time served. I was an exception to the rule and you could be too it just depends on the parameters of the job. My first jet job was a contract I was paid a daily rate for each day I flew I was paid a small amount of money. I didn't know any better. I was paying my taxes and getting paid below what everyone else was making. It wasn't until a year in when I upgraded myself to PIC that the instructors in the school told me contract pilots would charge $500 in the Learjet 55. I quickly jumped on that bandwagon. I thought it was going be easy but it wasn't always easy. The time away was hard on me and my family. I would take month long gigs for what I thought was good money then. I would do whatever I could to build the time and experience. Once you cross over 4000hrs Jet time it seems to make everything change. You are respected as a pilot and you also respect yourself.

I began doing more and more contract flying. Long terms contracts month at a time, day contracts and all different lengths and for all different businesses and people. The next issue was I was so busy flying I didn't have time to invoice them. The charges would come in later the trip, receipt collecting, hustling to sell myself to the next contract. Oh wait contract! Yeah about that after you get beat for a few thousand dollars like 20k you'll understand the importance of a contract. Thats why we developed our pilot contract at PJP for pilots and the service as an agency to invoice and collect for crew.

I have much more to share but have to fly to be continued...

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