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At PJP, experienced pilots have the opportunity to join a premier community of aviation professionals in order to stay ahead of their competition. Unlock exclusive resources and seize invaluable connections for maximizing your performance – gain distinction with us today.

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Here at PJP, experienced pilots have the luxury of scaling their platforms and honing their competencies with a prestigious community of aviation experts.

You’ll never have to worry about soaring ahead before your competition again; join us for access to unrivaled resources plus incomparable networking opportunities – set yourself aside today!

Making the decision to fly alongside us became easier than ever with 2020 tangible evidence: beneficiaries of PJP witnessed their annual revenue sail up by 4.6%, while some unlucky nonmembers saw it dip down by 4.7%.

Seize the success you seek, join our members’ proud troupe and shoot for the stars high above!

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  • Contract flying

  • PJP’s Legal Service Plan

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  • Financial Services

  • Pilot Information Center

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Take your success to a new level. Get to the cockpit and join a thriving, highflying community of elite pilots

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Keeping flight crews active all year

At PJP, we believe that collaboration begets excellence – developing lasting leadership capabilities to bolster businesses and communities alike. By working together, we make an enduring impact on our world while striving for ongoing success in everything we do.