How PJP works

We welcome who you really are, not just your "professional" self. We're a very unique group, passionate for aviation and we’re not just pilots. We are rapidly becoming a global family, the kind of connection that is greatly needed in our fractured world these days. We’re made up of pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, aerospace engineers, aviation journalists, line personnel, airplane managers, fight department managers, FAA Part 135 operators, aircraft brokers, and a few other aviation related categories of high flying enthusiasts. If you’re an airline pilot we welcome you but you may find you have to adjust your expectations a bit. This is a generalization but we've found that private jet pilots don’t seem to take themselves as seriously as airline types do because, for the most part we have come up in the trenches of general aviation; like the freight dogs, the banner towers, the cancelled check fliers. We do have some airline guys here and many of them have a biz jet history so they know the lay of the biz jet land.
There’s a lot of benefits here; for example, say you blow a tire in Nice, France. Chances are if you post that you're searching for a mechanic or a tire or anything related to that situation there might just be someone in PJP that can put you in touch with the right person near your location. We’ve often seen a fellow airborne PJPer that was able to bring a part or what’s needed to your aircraft. The ability to tag a person in a post is a great, quick way to get a notification to pop up on PJPers devices to get you what you need, fast!! This requires that you make sure you have notifications turned on, on your PJP app. Once you see this kind of request in action on the PJP app you’ll understand how it works so quickly and efficiently.
The Unwritten Rules When you’re interacting here, just remember to be cool, be patient, and consider if what you say here. Would like to be on the receiving end of that post? Remember the rule, if you write something in anger or criticism, let it sit for awhile, or even overnight before or even if you send it. When you go back to it, you just may reconsider how you would feel if you were on the receiving end. You never know what someone is going through in their life, so be aware, be gentle and be courteous. Try not to be a regulation Nazi and a hardliner; don’t try to make yourself look like a know it all because even if you can quote FAA regs chapter and verse, doing so might just make someone feel stupid, shrink out of sight and make you stand out in a way that makes you look like a jerk. Pilots are people, most of us are relational and those who aren't we love them anyway. We build friendships on trust and familiarity. Before you judge someone harshly see if you can get to know him or her, spend some time researching them, get to know them.
If you make the right kind of connections here, we have found through experience that opportunities come out of left field and your global flying career will be much more pleasant and rewarding than if you aren't being considerate. There’s a reason why we call PJP a fellowship, and not a tribe or a group. Our goal is make our lives better by sharing the love and kindness that forms the core of this group and to enjoy the incredible blessings that we have been given, being able to enjoy this very special career and the beautiful equipment and passengers that we have been entrusted with. We have some very cool and potentially lucrative projects for you coming downline that will help make your career much more than "a flying job." Heck, it might even be a way for you to retire early and fly on your own terms; would that be cool! Stay tuned... Feel free to call us with questions, concerns, information, contributions to the newsletter; anything you're led to share. Now go make your next flight great, and make the people around you and your clients feel like they're something very special because they are; without them we'd probably have to go to work for a living! Jeff "Phoenix" Coursey Email: