PJP offers three levels of membership. Each membership plan includes an annual membership to PJP Association. Once your profile is completed and verified your membership is active.

PJP Contractor Membership is an active membership where internally your profile is managed to be more enticing to hiring companies, we pay Google to promote aircraft type specific keywords, ie "Gulfstream G550 pilot" PJP will direct its trip requests to PJP Contractors first for availability requests. Once you have completed a trip for PJP you will receive a PJP badge on the corner of your profile indicating a preferred service member. Internally PJP will rank you per clients comments with a 5 star ranking which will cause your profile to remain in the top spots as pro pilot. This level of membership is fully managed. You will receive alerts on training specials for your type, document expiration alerts, professional review and content management. This membership will help you be a professional contract pilot.

Flight Attendant membership includes PJP association membership and profile.